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This is the new personal/original fiction journal of the livejournal user formerly known as trappedintaipei. Here you'll only find personal entries and my original fiction.

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Mar. 20th, 2012 07:15 pm
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This journal is now INACTIVE.

For a long time, every time I make a new entry it feels like I'm shouting into a wide, empty space. I don't feel like updating anymore, so I won't. I understand that most of my friends have moved onto other sites, greener pastures, and I feel it's my turn to do the same.

I wish you all the best! Peace.
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It seems as if I've gotten into the habit of updating rather frequently, which I hope is a good thing? It seems as though very few of you even use dreamwidth or livejournal, but I shall keep on with the updates in hopes that someone out there is quietly curious.

Yesterday Blake and I managed to finish preparing the company's AA files for the audit. This means that I am somewhat less terrifyingly busy at work, so yay. I'm just hoping that the audit goes well, since I was the one who not only came up with a method for fixing the files, but I ended up fixing over half of them in all. Part of me worries that I've been set up to fail, a scapegoat for when the audit goes to hell, but I'll be long gone by then. Mostly I feel hurt pride.

In light of not feeling so awesome about work, I called it quits, literally. I gave them my two weeks' notice, which means I'll be ending my last (dear lord hopefully) stint with CRAssociates two weeks earlier than I originally told them. I made up some BS about the practicum I have to complete for my TEFL course and it was done.

Days until BYE BYE CRA: 16. FUCK YEAH.

With my extra free time I plan to marathon anime until the cows come home and spend time with Parker and his family. His dad comes back from Afghanistan that very weekend, so really it's perfect timing.

Parker's been bitterly grumbling about moving out and marriage recently, or rather our incapability to do either. I find it adorable. Someday, honey, someday. ♥
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Basically, Super Boy is a national singing competition in mainland China which started in 2007 as a spinoff of the already institued Super Girl competition (their post shall come later). The aim of the show is to uncover new talent among potential male stars. The show is strongly linked to the company EEMedia, and many if not most of the finalists end up signing a contract with them at the end of the competition. So far, there have been two seasons of Super Boy, one in 2007 and one in 2010. In this post I will cover the contestants who are both the most famous and my personal favorites.

Something I think is great and important to notice is that there is a nice variety among the Super Boys. Quite a few of them go the pop route, but there are R&B singers (Allen Su), indie singers (Liu Xin) and even some rockers (Wang Ye) in the crowd. Then there's Chen Chu Sheng who is difficult to categorize but undeniably genius.

Downloads for Wei Chen and Yu Hao Ming can already be found at my livejournal here. I already plan to upload Chu Sheng along with a few other male artists, so let me know if you want anything else (I have downloaded almost all of the music listed here, save for Allen Su and Zhang Jie).

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iMe is a five member girl group from mainland China under EEMedia, the same company as Top Combine, 8090 and Wei Chen. Three of them are former Super Girls contestants, one of them is half Thai, half German, and the fifth is Korean.
哎咿呀 -- first EP
Help Me -- Thai CF single

Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan is a Malaysian singer with an amazingly beautiful voice. He is based in Taiwan under the same company as Bii.
Grand Debut -- first album
Stardom -- first mini-album
Love Again. Stardom -- second album

Bii is half Taiwanese, half Korean. He sings in both Korean and Mandarin, and just recently got back from his military service.
Bii -- first EP
Bii Story -- first album

Andrew Tan & Bii
勢在必行 (single)

Jeno Liu
Jeno is another former Super Girls contestant and used to be with EEMedia, where she was known as Jade, until she switched to HIM International Music, going from a mainland company to a Taiwanese one. She's known for her soulful voice and androgynous looks.
Stringed Puppets -- first EP
I am just what I am -- first album
Forward -- second EP
Journey, Songs of the Heart -- second album

* [personal profile] gongjins, turns out that Jade Liu's current name is Jeno Liu. Sorry for the misinformation! The files all are named Jade Liu, but that's because I'm lazy.

Another quick note: On Jeno's second album, she actually does a cover of Andrew Tan's song "Stardom," the title track of his mini-album. :)


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