taipei: (台湾 // sigma)
amy ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ([personal profile] taipei) wrote2012-02-29 02:01 pm

Light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems as if I've gotten into the habit of updating rather frequently, which I hope is a good thing? It seems as though very few of you even use dreamwidth or livejournal, but I shall keep on with the updates in hopes that someone out there is quietly curious.

Yesterday Blake and I managed to finish preparing the company's AA files for the audit. This means that I am somewhat less terrifyingly busy at work, so yay. I'm just hoping that the audit goes well, since I was the one who not only came up with a method for fixing the files, but I ended up fixing over half of them in all. Part of me worries that I've been set up to fail, a scapegoat for when the audit goes to hell, but I'll be long gone by then. Mostly I feel hurt pride.

In light of not feeling so awesome about work, I called it quits, literally. I gave them my two weeks' notice, which means I'll be ending my last (dear lord hopefully) stint with CRAssociates two weeks earlier than I originally told them. I made up some BS about the practicum I have to complete for my TEFL course and it was done.

Days until BYE BYE CRA: 16. FUCK YEAH.

With my extra free time I plan to marathon anime until the cows come home and spend time with Parker and his family. His dad comes back from Afghanistan that very weekend, so really it's perfect timing.

Parker's been bitterly grumbling about moving out and marriage recently, or rather our incapability to do either. I find it adorable. Someday, honey, someday. ♥

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