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Name:amy ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
Birthdate:Aug 4
Location:Virginia, United States of America

My name is Amy, and I really dig asian music.

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2am, 2pm, 3.2.1, 4minute, 8090, a-chord, a-mei, acadamy fantasia, alien huang, anime, anthony neely, beast, blue bird flying fish, bobo, c-quint, candy mafia, chen chu sheng, chin, cpop, dae guk nam ah, dong cheng wei, dynasty warriors, f.cuz, four mod, fu xinbo, ice sarunyu, iu, jamila, jing boran, jj lin, judy chou, k-otic, k.o. 3an guo, kat pat, kis-my-ft2, kiss me five, knomjean, kpop, li yi feng, lollipop f, m.i.c, manga, mayday, mblaq, mila, myname, n:sonic, neko jump, news, no3b, nylon chen, one direction, potato, qiao ren liang, rainie yang, reading, romance of the three kingdoms, se7en, secret, sengoku basara, seo ingook, seoul, show luo, sigma, slur, south korea, square sircle, taipei, taiwan, thailand, tpop, u-kiss, waii, wei chen, weibird, will pan, wonder girls, writing, x-5, x.i.s, xiao hong ren, yamashita tomohisa, yan jue, yen-j
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