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This is the new personal/original fiction journal of the livejournal user formerly known as trappedintaipei. Here you'll only find personal entries and my original fiction.

the basics. I'm Amy, a useless twenty-two year old recent graduate with a B.A. in World Literature. I currently reside in Northern Virginia, but plan to teach English in Thailand next year. After that, I plan to go back to school for a Masters, become a full-fledged ESL teacher and someday move to Seattle. Oh, and I like asian stuff, but that should be obvious by now.

general likes. animanga, music, reading (favorite authors: Haruki Murakami, Leo Tolstoy, Mario Vargas Llosa, Stendhal, Ursula Leguin, Kelley Armstrong, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is pretty much my bible), food, movies (Wang Kar Wai films, muay thai & other martial arts flicks, idiotic comedies), television (I watch too much but The Big Bang Theory is by far my favorite and everyone should ignore my Teen Wolf affliction), video games (Dynasty Warriors, Sengoku Basara, Persona, Catherine, The Sims), writing, languages, history, Latin poetry, the interwebs

I consider my music to be my main fandoms, considering they're all I talk about 99% of the time:

korean: 2PM, 2AM, 4minute, B1A4, Beast, Big Bang, Brave Girls, C.N Blue, Chocolat, Daeguknamah, Dalmatian, EXID, F.Cuz, F.T Island, Hitt, IU, K.Will, LEDApple, M.I.B, MBLAQ, MC Mong, Miss A, MYNAME, N:SONIC, Se7en, Secret, Seo Ingook, SPICA, SS501, U-Kiss, Untouchable, Wonder Girls, X-5

japanese: ABC-Z, Girugamesh, Hey! Say! Jump, Kis-my-ft2, Kuroki Meisa, Matsushita Yuya, Miura Daichi, NEWS, no3b, SCANDAL, SID, SMAP, SPYAIR, Tegomass, tommy february6, tommy heavenly6, Tsuchiya Anna, Yamashita Tomohisa

chinese/taiwanese: 8090, A-Chord, A-Mei, Alien Huang, Amber Kuo, Andrew Tan, Anthony Neely, Bii, Blue Bird Flying Fish, BoBo, Champion, Chen Chu Sheng, Chen Xiang, Cindy Yen, Della Ding, Dong Cheng Wei, Evan Yo, Fahrenheit, focus5, Fusion, Hebe Tian, hit-5, i Me, IO, Jacky Xue, Jam Hsiao, Jiang Ying Rong, JJ Lin, Joanna Wang, K One, Kolor, Lala Xu, Leehom Wang, Li Wei, Li Yi Feng, Liu Xin, Lollipop F, M.I.C, Magic Power, Mayday, Nick Chou, Nylon Chen, Qiao Ren Liang, Rainie Yang, Road to Asia, roomie, S.P.Y, Shin, Show Luo, Sigma, TANK, Thomas Jack, Top Combine, Wang Ye, Wei Chen, Weibird Wei, Will Pan, Wu Yi, Xiao Hong Ren, Yen-J, Yoga Lin, Zeng Yi Ke, Zhang Jie, Zhang Yun Jing

thai: 3.2.1, August Band, Black Vanilla, BlackJack, Bodyslam, C-Quint, Candy Mafia, Chin, Faye Fang Kaew, Four Mod, G-Twenty, Golf&Mike, Ice Sarunyu, Jeasmine, K-OTIC, Kat Pat, Kiss Me Five, Klerm, Mila, Min, Namcha, Neko Jump, Olives, P.O.I, Payu, Peck, Potato, Slur, Square Sircle, Techin, The Star (6, 7, 8), The Yers, Twenty Town, Two, X.I.S, Waii

other: One Direction, JLS, and a bunch of old music which I enjoy but rarely talk about

Me elsewhere: