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[downloads] iMe, Andrew Tan, Bii, Jeno Liu.

iMe is a five member girl group from mainland China under EEMedia, the same company as Top Combine, 8090 and Wei Chen. Three of them are former Super Girls contestants, one of them is half Thai, half German, and the fifth is Korean.
哎咿呀 -- first EP
Help Me -- Thai CF single

Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan is a Malaysian singer with an amazingly beautiful voice. He is based in Taiwan under the same company as Bii.
Grand Debut -- first album
Stardom -- first mini-album
Love Again. Stardom -- second album

Bii is half Taiwanese, half Korean. He sings in both Korean and Mandarin, and just recently got back from his military service.
Bii -- first EP
Bii Story -- first album

Andrew Tan & Bii
勢在必行 (single)

Jeno Liu
Jeno is another former Super Girls contestant and used to be with EEMedia, where she was known as Jade, until she switched to HIM International Music, going from a mainland company to a Taiwanese one. She's known for her soulful voice and androgynous looks.
Stringed Puppets -- first EP
I am just what I am -- first album
Forward -- second EP
Journey, Songs of the Heart -- second album

* [personal profile] gongjins, turns out that Jade Liu's current name is Jeno Liu. Sorry for the misinformation! The files all are named Jade Liu, but that's because I'm lazy.

Another quick note: On Jeno's second album, she actually does a cover of Andrew Tan's song "Stardom," the title track of his mini-album. :)
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